Packing. The most dreaded part. Here’s a list of things you don’t need. Seriously.


Hair straightener, blow dryer, hair brush, hair spray, etc. Forget it. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner… no tangles. If there’s ever an occasion you need to straighten or curl your hair, chances are someone else has brought one. These items just take up too much room and are heavy to carry around.


If you pack a shirt you haven’t worn in 6 month just because “you might want to wear that one day,” don’t bring it. You don’t need 6 different pairs of jeans or 4 different outfits for going out. They’re a waste of space and will end up sitting in your suitcase getting wrinkled and smelly.


Can’t decide which hoodie to bring with you on your trip to the Bahamas? So you figure, “F**K it I’ll bring them all.” Don’t… Shut your eyes and grab ONE, chances are you’ll never even wear it. Hoodies take up so much room, and if your like me you end up wearing the same one everyday anyways. So unless you’re going somewhere cold, just bring one.


Depending on where you’re going you may need a few pairs of shoes, but generally three is the MAX. Closed toed runners for hikes and outdoor treks, a pair of flip flops for bumming it at the beach and a pair you can wear out. Like I said three is MAX, depending on where you’re going a pair of runners or flip flops could be all you need. Shoes are big, bulky and take up a ton of space, any more then three is a waste of space.


Depending on how long you’re going away for and whether you use your laptop for work, you probably don’t need it. They’re big and heavy and these days phones are just as powerful and can do pretty much anything your laptop can do. The less valuables you carry around with you the better.