Travelling alone can seem like a scary thought, but it’s way easier than you think! Though it can be lonely at times, being alone is amazing and rewarding and will help you grow in so many ways. Between freedom, adventure and hundreds of new friends to be made, going alone will become a trip of a lifetime. Here are 7 great reasons to travel alone at least once:


When you travel alone, everything you do will be FOR YOU. You know that everywhere you go and everything you do you’re doing because you want to and your decisions aren’t influenced by anyone else.

You can change your mind 800 times in one day or change your plans at the last second and not have to worry about driving somebody else crazy. Not having to worry about what anyone else wants to do or eat or see is an incredible freedom not taken advantage of near enough.


You become completely independent. You will have to figure out where to sleep, where to eat and how to get from A to B completely on your own. You will need to figure out how you’ll pay for your next plane ticket or how you’ll find a job in a place where nobody speaks your language. But you will, you’ll figure it out and leave with a whole new level of independence.

For example, I had Japanese co-worker while I was picking fruit in Australia, who didn’t speak a word of English the day I first met her. Though she didn’t speak English, she managed to find accommodation and job within two weeks of entering the country. Three months later, she was speaking broken, but understandable English, had completed her second year visa requirements and was off on her next adventure.


Travelling alone gives you the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, where ever you want… and that’s pretty awesome!!!!


Going alone is a scary adventure! With nobody beside you to tell you where to go and what to do it truly is an adventure!


Travelling alone forces you to make new friends. I find groups of friends travelling together tend to stick with each other and are less inclined to make new friends. Being alone forces you to open up and get to know other people. Other people you meet will be able to help guide you to places to go and places to avoid. Getting to know locals is a great way to find places that may not be in the travel books…. Who knows who you will meet and where they will take you- New friendships will take you places you never imagined!!


You will meet people with similar interests and values as you. You will connect with these people and maybe become travelling buddies for a few days, weeks or months. But when interests collide and your paths go separate ways that’s OK, you don’t need to worry about compromise because you are not committed to anybody but yourself. So you continue down separate paths, keep in touch and chances are you will meet again somewhere along the road.


Spending time alone will help you grow as a person. You will figure out the things you like, your values will become stronger and you will figure out the type of people you like to spend time with. Every person you meet will change you in some way. Some will inspire you and others will bring you down, so stick with the ones that inspire you and leave the ones that bring you down behind.