For the past two years I have travelled the East and West coasts of Australia, searching for the best kite surfing spots it has to offer. The top four locations below do not come in any order but are chosen based on three things: Wind conditions, water conditions (waves vs flat water) and lifestyle/social life.

Check out more information about each location, as well as more awesome riding locations.




Lifestyle: 10 ….. Wind: 8 ….. Water Conditions: 8

The Sunshine Coast, and more specifically Cotton Tree is an amazing spot for kite surfing over the summer months. Cotton tree offers conditions for everyone from flat water to waves. It is beginner friendly and is rideable on a SE, E or NE wind direction which allows for kite surfing at least 5 days per week, though the wind is not always consistent. The coast offers many more great spots not far from Cotton Tree, check them out here.

The lifestyle on the coast is hard to beat. Ocean Street, Maroochydore offers great night life and the kite surfing community is friendly and welcoming. Kite surfing events are held on the Sunshine Coast during the summer which are not to be missed. Other than kite surfing and nights out there are SO many things to do on the coast including hikes and waterfalls, markets, shopping and a ton more.

Having a car to get around is nice but not necessary here.

All in all, the Sunshine Coast is an amazing place to be, kite surfing or not!



Lifestyle: 7 ….. Wind: 10 ….. Water Conditions: 10

Safety Bay is one of the best flat water kite surfing spots in the world. It is windy almost everyday over the summer bringing wind over 20 knots more often than not. Lots of pros come to train here, so it is a great place to improve your skills and learn new tricks. It is also very beginner friendly.

Other than kite surfing there is not much to do in Safety Bay, but it is full of kite surfers so there is bound to be people to hangout with on non-windy days along with BBQ’s and parties all summer long.

As for night life the closest bars are in Rockingham (about 10 mins driving) and if you are keen on nightclubs Fremantle (about 30 mins driving) is the place to be.

If you live and kite surfing in Safety Bay it is not necessary to have a car as everything you need is nearby, but nice to have if you’d like to check out other locations nearby or for no wind days.

If all you want to do is kite surf everyday all summer, Safety Bay is your place!


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Lifestyle: 6 ….. Wind: 9 ….. Water Conditions: 9

The beauty of Margaret River is what draws me here. Similar to Safety Bay, it is always windy here. Margaret River offers some of the best wave riding in Aus, and Augusta some of the best flat water, so being based here there is something for everybody.

Other than kite surfing, Margaret River is full of tourists. You can visit the wineries, cheese and chocolate factories as well as explore the beautiful forests, caves and landscapes. Hangout at the local bars and backpackers, though this is a pretty chilled out place with not much night life.

A downside of Margaret River is needing a car to get around.

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Lifestyle: 7 ….. Wind: 10 ….. Water Conditions: 9

Geraldton, WA is rated in the top three windiest places in the world (I mainly rode a 5m kite here, sometimes over powered). From Geraldton there are five main beaches to kite from. Tarcoola, Separation Point, Point Moore and Coronation Beach. Coronation is the best offering a great wave break and flat water/chop in front of the break. There is also a camp ground here that costs $6 per night and is full of travellers, wind surfer dominated but still a great wave riding spot for kite surfers.

Geraldton itself is okay but I wouldn’t consider it one of my favourite places to be. Not much night life and because there are so many spots to ride I found it hard to consistently see the same people, so a bit harder to make friends here. But it is the biggest “city” in the mid-west, so it has everything you need.

Some fun four wheel drive tracks and sand dunes to check out in spare time along with a beautiful foreshore so swim and hang out.

Having a car in Geraldton is necessary.

All in all Western Australia had the best kite surfing conditions and some beautiful sunset sessions. The Sunshine Coast had the best lifestyle and more no wind options, but the wind and kite surfing conditions were not as good as anywhere in WA.