Kite Surfing in Australia

By |January 4th, 2016|

Australia is such a beautiful country and it's possible to kite surf on EVERY COAST! (Based on lifestyle, wind and water (waves vs flat waters) conditions, these are my favourite spots.) Here are some awesome spots to check out along with online forums to help you get in with the locals, find out about events and [...]

14 Weird and Wonderful Things About a Snow Season in Korea

By |December 6th, 2015|

Alex- The little cat that decided to throw in a desk job and leave her home town of Sydney to snowboard in Japan. She’s a writer and adventurer that seeks steep mountains, deep waters, rowdy nights and friendly cats. Alex has been chasing the wilderness since 2014 and has no plans on stopping. Our friend [...]

Kite Surfing in South Western Australia

By |December 5th, 2015|

The best winds in the west come during the summer months (November-March) when the sea breeze kicks in. The winds come in strong and consistent from the S/SW almost everyday, making it one of the best kiting locations on the world. Woodman Point Great beginner, flat water spot just South of Fremantle, WA. Woodman Point [...]

Now That’s Freedom

By |December 4th, 2015|

Today I experienced a new kind of freedom. I mean I was definitely free before but this was a new mind-blowing realization. Yesterday I bought a car, I had no where to be and nobody to see and a bit on money left in the bank. My original plan didn't work out but plans can always [...]

These Three Reasons Will Have You Booking Flights to Your Next Snow Season

By |November 23rd, 2015|

If you are a lover of the snow and days filled with powder, friends and long days on the slope are what you live for, landing a job as a ski/snowboard instructor could be just the thing for you (see: Becoming an Instructor). There is no better feeling than the look on someones face as [...]

7 Reasons to Travel Alone

By |November 20th, 2015|

Travelling alone can seem like a scary thought, but it's way easier than you think! Though it can be lonely at times, being alone is amazing and rewarding and will help you grow in so many ways. Between freedom, adventure and hundreds of new friends to be made, going alone will become a trip of [...]

Packing for an Overseas Kite Vacation

By |November 19th, 2015|

** The above photo is all my snow and kite gear packed away for travel, I can use the same board bag for my kite and snow gear- just swap depending on where I'm going and leave the rest behind Packing for an overseas kite trip is somewhat easier than packing for the snow, as [...]

Packing for an Overseas Snow Vacation

By |November 19th, 2015|

** The above photo is gear for my entire family (four people) Packing for an overseas snow holiday can be a difficult task but like most things, gets easier the more you do it. Here are a few things you definitely do and don't need to make your packing a bit easier: SHOES: Need: Along with [...]


By |November 13th, 2015|

Okay so I'm terrified of sharks. And yesterday this was on the news.... That's a 4m GREAT WHITE... only 500m from where I was kiting that day. WTF.... Here I was thinking Safety Bay was safe!!!   I was quickly reassured by Glen that it is in fact safe and that I'm not going to [...]

4 Great Places to Start Your Travels

By |November 12th, 2015|

Getting started is the hardest part in pretty much anything in life, but once you get the ball rolling it all comes together just like that. The trouble with travelling is deciding WHERE? There are so many countries to explore and places to see it's impossible to decide where to start. If you're a first [...]