Never Summer 2016 Snowboard Reviews

Getting that first taste of mountain air and strapping a board to his feet while living and working as an Engineer in France turned everything upside down for Paul. A “normal” life no longer seemed acceptable, snowboarding was the only thing that mattered. Finally taking the plunge to ditch the rat race in 2013 he's [...]

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Never Summer The West 2016 Review

I have one word for The West: WOW! This is without a doubt the best board I have ever ridden. There, I said it. Picture the scene: It's snowed like 25cm or so overnight, it's Thursday so the resort isn't too busy, it's primed to be one of the best days of the season so [...]

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Never Summer Cobra 2016 Review

The Cobra is a flagship model for Never Summer and has a proud tradition of being one of the best boards out there, period. It's definitely aimed at powder riding first and foremost with a drawn out nose and blunted tail, set back stance and stiffer flex. I have known a number of Snowboard Instructors [...]

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Never Summer Proto 2016 Review

This was the board I wanted the most, I was even close to buying it myself before my Boss told me to chill my beans when we heard of the demo fleet. I still love freestyle so I normally favour twin tip boards and the 157cm size is right in the middle for me. The [...]

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Never Summer Snowtrooper 2016 Review

This was the surprise package of the lot for me. I felt of the 4 boards we have this would be 4th on my list, but I have found myself coming back to this board over and over again due to the varying nature of the conditions we have been getting in Fernie this season. [...]

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14 Weird and Wonderful Things About a Snow Season in Korea

Alex- The little cat that decided to throw in a desk job and leave her home town of Sydney to snowboard in Japan. She’s a writer and adventurer that seeks steep mountains, deep waters, rowdy nights and friendly cats. Alex has been chasing the wilderness since 2014 and has no plans on stopping. Our friend [...]

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These Three Reasons Will Have You Booking Flights to Your Next Snow Season

If you are a lover of the snow and days filled with powder, friends and long days on the slope are what you live for, landing a job as a ski/snowboard instructor could be just the thing for you (see: Becoming an Instructor). There is no better feeling than the look on someones face as [...]

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Packing for an Overseas Snow Vacation

** The above photo is gear for my entire family (four people) Packing for an overseas snow holiday can be a difficult task but like most things, gets easier the more you do it. Here are a few things you definitely do and don't need to make your packing a bit easier: SHOES: Need: Along with [...]

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4 Great Places to Start Your Travels

Getting started is the hardest part in pretty much anything in life, but once you get the ball rolling it all comes together just like that. The trouble with travelling is deciding WHERE? There are so many countries to explore and places to see it's impossible to decide where to start. If you're a first [...]

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Becoming an Instructor

Different countries have their own instructor certification systems. Generally all certifications are recognized worldwide, but here is an overview of the different systems and the benefits of each. CSIA/CASI- Canadian Ski Instructor Association/Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors Level 1- gives you the ability to teach beginners to intermediate skiers/snowboarders Level 2- gives you more understanding [...]

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