The best winds in the mid-west are over summer (October-April) when the sea breeze blows strong S/SW winds and big swells almost every day. The winds in the mid-west are usually about 5-10 knots stronger than in the south. There are a ton of great kiting spots near Geraldton which is the only “big” town in the mid-west.

Tarcoola Beach

Tarcoola beach is a secluded beach about 3km long just south of Geraldton great for learning to fly a kite. The water ranges from choppy to small waves and is best on a S, SW, W, NW or N wind direction.

Separation Point (Sepos)

Sepos is best on a SW, but is kiteable on a S or W wind direction. There is a reef just off the shore creating a small flat section just in the bay. There is also a clean wave break just behind the reef. This is a fun, safe spot for everyone, though it is known for theft as it is quite secluded from town. Keep your doors locked and an eye on your valuables when kiting here.

Point Moore

Just north of Sepos is Point Moore. You can kite here in any wind direction apart from offshore (E). Point Moore is pretty choppy just off the beach but about a hundred metres offshore there is a clean wave break. Be careful in the waves as the reef is very shallow here. You also occasionally surf the shore break.

About 1km offshore is a wave break called Hell’s Gates, go there with a local, don’t go alone.

Point Moore is not a good place for beginners as it is a point so if you are unable to ride upwind or do a water relaunch there is no beach in either direction to save you, you will end up in the open water way offshore.

Coronation Beach (Coros)

About 50km north of Geraldton is Coronation Beach. Coros is beautiful and dominated by windsurfers. It’s best on a SW or NW, but works on a N or S. There is a clean reef break about 300 metres offshore offering great wave riding and relatively flat water in front of the break.

It is great for beginners learning to ride, but the beach is small so there isn’t much room to launch and land.

Coronation is also a camp ground which costs $6 per night and is full of backpackers over summer. There is no running water.


Gregory is about an hour and a half north of Geraldton. The water here is flat because of the reef that sticks up out of the water ranging from 50-150m off the beach. The beach is massive and empty and it would suit beginners and freestyle riders. S, SW, N and NW winds would work here.


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