The Cobra is a flagship model for Never Summer and has a proud tradition of being one of the best boards out there, period. It’s definitely aimed at powder riding first and foremost with a drawn out nose and blunted tail, set back stance and stiffer flex. I have known a number of Snowboard Instructors who use the Cobra and swear by it. So I was very excited to try the 2016 model. Using it after The West set an impossibly high bar, but I did everything I could to give it a fair crack.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 at 10.49.32 AMThe good news: It’s still a damn fine board. In the open bowl powder it was a dream, floating really nice and easy with minimal effort. On drops the cushy dampening made landings feel almost like pillows. And the pop I was generating almost caught me off guard a number of times! I was launching my dolphin turns out of the powder and slamming into my next turn with so much ease its almost seemed as if I am actually half decent at them. It also felt stable at speed which helped build confidence in the board.

The board didn’t feel as stiff as I was expecting and I did find the tail washed out on some turns if I was pushing too hard – which was a shame because it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Edge hold was nice, very much like the Snowtrooper. With the mellow Rocker-Camber profile and slightly stiffer feel than the Snowtrooper it held good carving in variable conditions.

It wasn’t as much fun in less ideal conditions, in my opinion, as the Snowtrooper however.

It definitely is not a park board, however I did use it to do one of the best wall rides I have ever done weirdly enough! I did a few spins here and there but that’s not really what this old favourite is made for.

It is a great board, like all of them, and it for sure has the powder fiend in mind. The rider who wants powder 80% or more of the time and for that it certainly delivers. I feel it handles all conditions well but it’s definitely powder focused.

If you are a rider who only rides on powder days then this could be the board for you, if you get out regardless of conditions because you paid $1000+ for your lift pass then The West or Snowtrooper are better options because they offer that little bit more versatility. Because of its nature and the conditions it is focused at I would say definitely it is suited for intermediate to advanced riders. If you are interested I made a little instagram clip for my own self-indulgence when using The Cobra on one of the best days, you can find it here…

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