This was the surprise package of the lot for me. I felt of the 4 boards we have this would be 4th on my list, but I have found myself coming back to this board over and over again due to the varying nature of the conditions we have been getting in Fernie this season.

While it doesnt have the same tech as the Proto it’s just as much fun, and definitely more versatile. The slightly set-back stance meant driving turns was much more effective even with the same medium stiffness as the Proto. The edge hold was great and I was confident railing this guy even when conditions were choppy. Obviously you can only drive so hard on a medium flex board but it realy held up well. On the scratchy steep sections the edges held up well even with the mellow camber sections.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 at 10.35.30 AMI feel the Vario Power Grip side cut all the boards use (with the varying degrees of radius across the effective edge) does a great job of retaining superior edge hold to help counter-act the rocker portion of the boards.

I have used this board a lot this year, so I have had those light fluffy pow days and the heavier (but still crazy fun) days. In the heavier stuff it did well but still took a bit of work to avoid getting caught out. But it did do well in the moguly powder, the softness of the board was in this case beneficial to soak up the bumps and initiate turns quickly and easily. It was in the soft, soft snow that this board really hammered home to me how good it is.

I was lucky enough to head out on one of the best powder days of the year to an area of the ski hill that isnt always open, and not everyone bothers to hike to. It was EPIC. The board sent my stoke levels through the roof. It floated like a dream and shovelled snow out of my way. The board, like all the Never Summers, has so much pop I was ducking in and out of bounds under/over the rope like a man posessed. The smile this board gave me that day isn’t one I flash around very often. (My friends will tell you that I often appear grumpy…)

With its poppy nature and softish feel I had a lot of fun sending spins off hits and cat tracks, taking the confidence the Proto had given me and getting some great little jib laps (I even hit my first 540 of the season on it).

I wouldn’t be too keen on hitting decent sized features in the park but I wouldn’t avoid parks on the Snowtrooper. It’s not designed to be a park board so you cant expect it to perform, but for someone who wants a board that hits the whole mountain and can still get you trying tricks in the park this guy would do you proud.

The lack of harmonic dampeners at the tip and tail was noticeable on traverses in comparison to the Proto and the Cobra, with a bit more chatter but nothing to cry home about.

Overall if you want a damn good board that handles everything but remains playful and fun then the Snow trooper is a superb option, or if you are an intermediate rider looking to upgrade to a tastier board. It will help you progress your riding to new levels, and keep you stoked all day until you get to that sweet, cold beer at the bar.

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