** The above photo is all my snow and kite gear packed away for travel, I can use the same board bag for my kite and snow gear- just swap depending on where I’m going and leave the rest behind

Packing for an overseas kite trip is somewhat easier than packing for the snow, as it is (normally) warm and less gear is involved. Here is a list of essential things to bring to make your trip a success:


Sun screen, a hat and sunnies are essential to protect yourself from the sun. If your like me with pale, freckly skin, a rashie or wet suit (depending on the temperature) can be great sun protection as well.


Two kites are usually enough, depending on where you’re going, a harness, bar and lines, pump and a board.


If you’re going somewhere warm, a few pairs of shorts, t-shirts, socks and a pair of jeans and hoodie for the cold nights are all you really need. Beachy kite towns aren’t normally dressy places so you can leave your heels and dress shorts at home!


A pair of flip flops for the beach and runners for any hikes or adventures.


When I go to the beach I like to bring at least two towels, usually three. One for the beach, one for showers (that doesn’t get sandy) and an extra.


Lets be honest, you can never have enough of those! Neither bikinis or board shorts take up much room, so go nuts!!

All of your gear and most of your clothes will fit in your board bag and the rest you can throw in a back pack. This makes your travels light and easy.

If you’re stuck for space, wear your running shoes and hoodie- the plane will probably be cold anyways so you’ll be glad you did. Buy toiletries when you get there to lighten the load and avoid access baggage fees.

If my luggage is too heavy I layer my clothes and put them back in my bag once I get through security :)