** The above photo is gear for my entire family (four people)

Packing for an overseas snow holiday can be a difficult task but like most things, gets easier the more you do it. Here are a few things you definitely do and don’t need to make your packing a bit easier:


Need: Along with your ski/snowboard boots it’s a good idea to have another pair of waterproof shoes/boots to wear out. Chances are you’re living in a ski town, there’s going to be snow on the ground which will be covered in salt and turned into slush pretty quickly, so trust me, waterproof shoes are a must!

Don’t Need: 10 other pairs of other shoes. Any “nice” going out shoes are better off left at home as the ground is covered in salty slush, your feet will freeze and shoes will be ruined. There aren’t many occasions where dress shoes are needed anyways and half the people will still be out in their ski boots. Shoes take up a ton of room in your suitcase so you’re better off using that space for something more useful.


Need: Warm waterproof jacket, snow pants and gloves. An extra pair of gloves are always nice for those long wet days at work or just a fresh pair for the next day. An extra jacket/spring jacket is good as well for warm days and as something to wear out when your jacket is wet, but not necessary.

Don’t Need: One set of outerwear is really all you need, jackets and snow pants take up a lot of space. They dry quickly and last a few seasons so there isn’t really a reason to waste space bringing multiple sets.


Need: LOTS OF SOCKS!! You can never have too many pairs of ski socks. There’s nothing worse than waking up for work and realizing all your socks are wet and smelly. If you put on a pair of dirty, soggy socks, your feet will freeze and you’re in for a bad day. So load up on socks, it’s worth the investment!!


Need: Warm clothes (hoodies, beanies and track pants), thermals (expensive but worth it) and something to wear out. Multiple hoodies are good, but again take up a ton of room, so three or four is enough as you can wear them multiple times before you wash them.

Don’t Need: Fancy dress clothes are impractical at the snow. You will freeze for one, there aren’t many “dress up” occasions and as I said before half the time you will still be in your ski gear at 3am. So forget your fancy clothes, join the local ski bums and stay warm!!


Need: Boots- invest in a good pair of boots, they will make or break your ski/board experience, skis/snowboard, goggles (maybe multiple pairs for different light, but again not necessary) and a HELMET!

Now that’s a lot of gear, here’s a few tips on packing it all in your suitcase…

Put all your gear and outerwear in your board bag. Filling your boots and helmet with socks and goggles will utilize space especially if you have both ski and board gear. The rest of of your clothes, socks and shoes should fit in your suitcase.

To avoid access baggage fees, don’t pack toiletries such as shampoos and toothpaste, those things are heavy and can be purchased once you get there.

For extra space, wear you jacket and boots on the plane, you’ll need it for when you get off and you can always store it in the overhead bins!