The best winds in the west come during the summer months (November-March) when the sea breeze kicks in. The winds come in strong and consistent from the S/SW almost everyday, making it one of the best kiting locations on the world.

Woodman Point

Great beginner, flat water spot just South of Fremantle, WA. Woodman Point is best on a SW.

Safety Bay

Safety Bay is every freestyle kiters dream. “The Pond” is protected by a sand bar connected to the main land creating a bay known as “the pond”. You can leave the pond and kite all up and down the coast and even out and around Penguin Island. There are penguins, sea lions, dolphins and sharks!

Safety Bay is great for beginners and is kiteable in any wind direction but is best in a SW/W or NW.

Margaret River

Margaret River is an amazing wave riding location. Definitely for experts only. Make sure to talk to a local before heading out here as the waves break over the reef, which is exposed in a few places. Best conditions are in NW or SW winds.


Augusta is also butter flat water like Safety Bay. The launching spot here is not easy, so it is recommended to launch from the beach and ride in through the river mouth. The river mouth is very narrow making riding back upwind to land on the beach near impossible. Drift launching is possible from the picnic bench area on Albany Terrace, but landing is difficult as the trees block the wind almost completely as you ride back, so make sure someone is prepared to land you.

The best conditions occur in SE winds, direct S also possible.


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