Okay so I’m terrified of sharks. And yesterday this was on the news….

That’s a 4m GREAT WHITE… only 500m from where I was kiting that day. WTF…. Here I was thinking Safety Bay was safe!!!



I was quickly reassured by Glen that it is in fact safe and that I’m not going to get mauled by a shark. (I also looked it up and there isn’t 1 shark related fatality reported in Safety Bay ever.) His assurances were confirmed as I watched Jimi kite circles around Penguin Island the very next day and he came back with not even a scratch.

So if you’re thinking of a nice kite trip down to Safety Bay, don’t let the sharks scare you off, it’s an amazingly beautiful place and it is indeed safe.

I also learned today not only are there penguins on Penguin Island but those rock looking formations over on Seal Island are in fact Sea Lions, not rocks!!! How cool is that??! You can also swim with wild dolphins, this place is incredible… :)