The Gold Coast has some awesome surf has more of a party vibe than the Sunshine Coast. There is some great kite surfing here and pretty much any beach it kiteable in the right wind conditions. The most consistent winds come during the summer months (November-March).

Kirra, Coolangatta

Kirra works best on a N/NE and is good for any level of kiter. It can be tricky for beginners on a direct N as the wind is coming almost directly onshore. On a low tide there is often a flat water lagoon perfect for freestyle.

Fun down winders from Surfer’s Paradise to Kirra on a northerly.


Flat water where the river meets the ocean as well as waves as you exit the mouth. Best kiting on a northerly. (Possible kite ban here, find out from locals before launching).

Gold Coast Seaway

Follow Seawood Drive all the way north past Main Beach to the Gold Coast Sea Way for some great flat water spots.

Just south of the Gold Coast are a few great spots in Northern NSW.


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