If you are a lover of the snow and days filled with powder, friends and long days on the slope are what you live for, landing a job as a ski/snowboard instructor could be just the thing for you (see: Becoming an Instructor). There is no better feeling than the look on someones face as they link their first turns, or the excitement of a child (or adult for that matter) on their first chairlift ride. There are a million reasons why doing a season or two or… five will be the best thing you ever do, but here are my top 3:


There are hundreds of ski resorts around the world, many in places you have probably never heard of like: did you know there’s a ski resort in Mexico? One in Singapore? There are multiple in Africa as well as China, Japan and Korea and of course hundreds more in Canada and the United States.

Every year all these resorts are looking for instructors and seasonal employees, literally opening up a world of opportunities. Obviously not all of these possibilities are realistic as there are language barriers, visas to figure out or maybe the resort only hires Asian men who are 6 foot 7, but you get the idea. You could spend your whole life doing seasons and not work at the same resort twice!! 

The Northern winter runs from about November-April/May and the Southern winter starts in June and goes until October if you’re lucky. Normally you will have a month or two of down time in between seasons, which is a great opportunity to travel before heading off to the next ski destination. For example, after a Southern winter in Australia, it is common to head to South-East Asia as a cheap travel destination before heading to Japan for the Northern winter.


You will meet hundreds if not thousands of new people, all with similar passions and hobbies as you. Each person has a lesson to teach you and things to share with you that could potentially change your life. Some people will inspire you others will bring you down; it’s up to you to choose who you spend your time with.

People you meet at ski resorts are all fairly similar. Free spirited, open minded loose canons all there for a good time, so it’s never hard so find good people to surround yourself with.

I have met so many positive, fun, uplifting people the past few years. Some of these people have become “forever friends” where others are just great memories from the past, who will more than likely show up somewhere in the future.

Connections you make will take you places you never imagined. You will have a tour guide in Germany, a bed to sleep in Finland, a cold beer waiting for you when you get off the plane in Sydney, a lift from the airport in Vancouver and the list goes on…

So always remember.. Friends are more valuable than money :)


As an instructor most resorts will give you a free season pass, which could otherwise be well… expensive.

And what else does a season pass mean? You get to RIDE EVERYDAY… FOR FREE!!!! Isn’t that why everyone’s here?? Because they love to ride??? Doesn’t get much better than that!!

(Being an instructor isn’t the only way to get a free pass. Other resort jobs such as lifty, ticket sales or food and beverage also generally provide season passes to employees.)

For all these reasons and more, doing your first season will be an incredible experience that you couldn’t regret if you tried. Between the people, the places and the lifestyle, the experience will have you begging for more. Take me for example, my ‘gap year’ soon became 2, then 3 and now 4 years and 4 winter seasons later, I am now on the other side of the world and recently certified as a kite board instructor……. What???!!

Seasons are like Lay’s chips…. You can’t just do one 😉