Getting started is the hardest part in pretty much anything in life, but once you get the ball rolling it all comes together just like that. The trouble with travelling is deciding WHERE? There are so many countries to explore and places to see it’s impossible to decide where to start. If you’re a first time traveler and don’t know where to start, here are four good options that will make your first travel experience easy yet still a fun filled adventure.


Your own country is always a good place to start and most countries have a ton to offer. Chances are since you live there, you haven’t taken advantage of all it has to offer, so go check out all the touristy places, meet some locals from other towns and check out places you haven’t been.

Your own country is an easy place to start because you don’t need a passport, everybody speaks the same language and you probably already know the best ways to get around.


A country similar to yours is also a great place to start. For example, as a Canadian, Australia seems like a good choice. Everybody speaks English, the culture and customs are similar and they offer a Working Holiday Visa to Canadians age 18-30 (as well as many other countries). It’s an easy transition yet a completely different lifestyle as living on the beach is completely foreign to most Canadians and comes with so many new and exciting experiences. The tourist industry is massive making it easy to get around and with hundreds of tourists around, it’s easy to make friends and travel buddies.


Whether you’re an avid skier or you’ve never seen snow before, a ski resort anywhere in there world is a great place to start your travels. There are a ton of jobs available within a resort, which in most place will secure you with a place in staff housing. Most resort job applications open up months before the season actually starts, so before you even leave home you will have a secure job and place to live making your first adventure extremely easy. Ski resorts bring in employees from all over the world and by the end of you will have built lifelong friendships and scored yourself a whole crew of tour guides and probably sorted out your next travel destination.

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Hostels are an amazing way to travel anywhere in the world. They are filled with travelers and have so much to offer. Most will pick you up from the airport, they will help you find a job if that’s what you are looking for. Staff are usually filled with useful information on where to go, what to see and how to get there. Most hostels offer work for stay positions, where you work a few hours each day for your accommodation if you are looking to stay for a few weeks or months. This makes your travels cheaper and brings you closer to the local community and culture.

If you are moving to a new place for good, hostels are also a great place to start, allowing you to make new friends, get to know the area and check out places to live before you make any decisions.